Timing for lazy people

The laziest way to time a function in Go

panicparse v1.6.0

2020-12-19golang panicparse
This release was the hardest one ever

panicparse v2.0.1

2020-08-10golang panicparse
🐎 Do race conditions in style

panicparse 1.4.0!

2020-04-06golang panicparse
Because sometimes we fail and we need help

Performance measurement in this decade

2019-07-11golang perf
Nowadays, CPU bound performance measurement is ... complicated

Heap optimization means speed optimization

Find heap allocations and nail them down to save 0.67µs (37%) on a Raspberry Pi 3 in an inner loop

Presenting pre-commit-go

2015-07-02golang slides
Tool for efficient pre-commit and post-commit testing

Review of hosted CI for Go

Review of a few hosted Continuous Integration services offering Go support