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Software Archaeology

An important aspect of the domain

Preheat your car via Google Calendar

2022-12-06homeassistant tesla
Never experience a uncomfortable seat ever again

Timing for lazy people

The laziest way to time a function in Go

A beautiful mess

A tale of growing project needs

panicparse v1.6.0

2020-12-19golang panicparse
This release was the hardest one ever

Emojis on Debian (& Raspbian)

The definite way to enable up to date colored emojis on Debian or Raspbian ๐Ÿ†

panicparse v2.0.1

2020-08-10golang panicparse
๐ŸŽ Do race conditions in style

panicparse 1.4.0!

2020-04-06golang panicparse
Because sometimes we fail and we need help

Show, don't tell, as an animated GIF

Images are a powerful communication tool

Tips for new C.S. / C.E. students

Humble advices to help bootstrap a career in technology

Performance measurement in this decade

2019-07-11golang perf
Nowadays, CPU bound performance measurement is ... complicated

Handling SIGTERM in python on Windows

2019-01-15python windows
You have to be well awake to follow this post

Heap optimization means speed optimization

Find heap allocations and nail them down to save 0.67ยตs (37%) on a Raspberry Pi 3 in an inner loop

Grace Hopper Celebration 2017 trip report

Observations from a man visiting the biggest Women in Tech conference in the world

TinySSH vs others

Comparison of Dropbear, OpenSSH and TinySSH

Installing TinySSH

Trying out the new minimalistic ssh server in parallel of sshd

Raspberry PI setup

Setup a Raspberry PI with two accounts without NOOBS

Remote LUKS unlock

Unlocking your Ubuntu workstation/server locally OR remotely

Presenting pre-commit-go

2015-07-02golang slides
Tool for efficient pre-commit and post-commit testing

Review of hosted CI for Go

Review of a few hosted Continuous Integration services offering Go support


How easy it is to create a website for free