Tips for new C.S. / C.E. students

Humble advices to help bootstrap a career in technology

Performance measurement in this decade

2019-07-11 golang perf
Nowadays, CPU bound performance measurement is ... complicated

Handling SIGTERM in python on Windows

2019-01-15 python windows
You have to be well awake to follow this post

Heap optimization means speed optimization

2018-05-09 golang
Find heap allocations and nail them down to save 0.67┬Ás (37%) on a Raspberry Pi 3 in an inner loop

Grace Hopper Celebration 2017 trip report

Observations from a man visiting the biggest Women in Tech conference in the world

TinySSH vs others

2016-01-26 sysadmin
Comparison of Dropbear, OpenSSH and TinySSH

Installing TinySSH

2016-01-26 sysadmin
Trying out the new minimalistic ssh server in parallel of sshd

Raspberry PI setup

2016-01-19 sysadmin
Setup a Raspberry PI with two accounts without NOOBS

Remote LUKS unlock

2015-10-25 sysadmin
Unlocking your Ubuntu workstation/server locally OR remotely

Presenting pre-commit-go

2015-07-02 golang slides
Tool for efficient pre-commit and post-commit testing

Review of hosted CI for Go

2015-06-29 golang
Review of a few hosted Continuous Integration services offering Go support


How easy it is to create a website for free